Special Report: From The Desk of Perry Belcher

Attention: Entrepreneurs who want to play a billionaires game starting with a tiny budget… or even ZERO


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Finally, Get PAID to Build Your
Email Lists Using Content
A.I. Cranks-Out 100% Without
YOU Writing a Single Word

Newsletter Millionaire Reveals How to Rapidly Grow a Highly Engaged Email List and Monthly Paid Communities

Plus… How to Sell Your List For Up to $30 Per Subscriber and Do It All Over Again!

Dear Visionary Entrepreneur,

Picture this: You're generating consistent passive income, simply by growing your email subscriber list.

We're not talking pennies - we're talking about serious, life-changing money.

Envision a world where advertisers are lined up, checkbooks in hand, ready to pay you up to a staggering $5000 per send, even if not a single product is sold.

Now, dive deeper into this dream,where advanced A.I. technology does all the work, handling every task, from drafting compelling content to scheduling mails. You won't have to pen a single word or fuss with mail settings.


Here’s the cherry on top? (Fancy Huh) Picture being able to SELL your newsletter for an astounding rate - up to $10-$30 per subscriber!

1000 Subscribers $10,000 - $30,000
10,000 Subscribers $100,000 - $300,000
100,000 Subscribers $1M - $3M

Newsletters Sell For Millions
to Savvy Investors

The Hustle newsletter (Business) sold for $27 Million to HubSpot

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The Newsette Newsletter (Beauty) is valued at $220 Million after a $40M investment

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Milkroad (Bitcoin Newsletter) sold for $10 Million after only 10 Months!!!

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Industry Dive (B2B) sold a group of 38 email newsletters for over $500 Million

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…and there are SO many more!!!

Greetings! I'm Perry Belcher


Over the past several years, I've transformed the humble newsletter into an extraordinary tool, propelling my email lists to an astronomical size of over 1.6 million subscribers.

The result? A revenue stream that has gushed millions upon millions of dollars. This isn't just a business, it's a revolution - and I'm at the helm, and you can be too…

Read On…

My Shocking Admission

Frankly, for the most part for the last 15 years, I was doing everything WRONG!

More on that in a minute… but first I’ll pat myself on the back a bit 🙂

For those of you don't know me. I was one of the original founders of DigitalMarketer.com, Traffic and
Conversion Summit,
Warroom Mastermind and now the Driven Mastermind.

I currently own 11 companies and I have exited four companies in the last 3 years.

Two for eight figures and two seven figures.

So believe me, I wouldn't be doing this if there wasn't a great deal of money in it.

There's also a hidden reason why I'm willing to share this information with you.

I'll get to that in a second.

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Discovery is KING!

Brace yourself for a harsh truth:

The most daunting hurdle to launching an online business today is attracting an audience - that elusive 'discovery' the industry whispers about.

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You're not just tasked with drawing in a crowd, you have to foster a genuine connection,nurture your potential customers, making them feel comfortable and ready to part with their hard-earned money.

Enter: Newsletters, your secret weapon.

This Changes Everything!

More good news: This tool, already an ace up your sleeve, just evolved into an unbeatable trump card.

Having been in the online selling game since 1998, I've amassed millions of email subscribers over time, but I'll confess, I didn't always treat these lists with the respect they deserved.

I let many of them whither away, unused and underappreciated.

I now realize that these neglected lists were veritable goldmines - it's like I discarded millions, just flushed them down the drain.

In my defense, the digital landscape of yesteryears lacked the fertile opportunities we now enjoy.

Today, newsletters are much more than information outlets - they've grown into substantial, sellable assets.

What's more, there's a thriving advertising ecosystem built around newsletters, one that's unnoticed by the masses but is generating millions for the savvy brands that leverage it.

So, what's that mean for you?


You NEED to Start a Newsletter TODAY!

When you master the artof building and nurturing your newsletter list, you're staring at a lucrative stream of advertising revenue.

And it doesn't stop there - you can sell the entire newsletter operation and kickstart another from scratch.

This business model is arguably the best-kept secretin the industry, but, believe me, the veil won't hold for long.

I've honed my approach to growing and monetizing newsletter subscribers over the past 15 years. Yet, I have to admit, I've only truly perfected it over the last year and a half.

Today's digital dynamics have changed the game completely.

Picture this: You acquire email subscribers for just a dollar, and they earn you $1-$3 per month…. but they're worth a whopping $30 EACH at time of sale…

Now, imagine a scenario where you're paying ZERO for these subscribers.

Sounds impossible?

That's exactly what I've already achieved.

I've crafted a unique system that seamlessly funnels subscribers from social media, paid ads, giveaways, Facebook pages and groups, Instagram, youtube - you name it.

I have 13 diverse methods of growing your email list.

And let me assure you, these subscribers are your ticket to success.

The second cherry on top is the simplicity and affordability of launching a newsletter…

So Much Easier Than Blogging… and Blogging is Dead Anyhow!

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Barely any tech is needed, a single opt-in page (I’ll give you mine), no website, and with AI-powered tools at your disposal, you won't even need a team of writers.

I've already developed all the right prompting to build Ghost Writers out of thin air that work for you… 24/7… for FREE!

Additionally the AI will create the lead magnets that draw people in as subscribers as well so you really don't have to do much of anything.

15 Minutes or Less a Day from ANYWHERE!

Imagine having a profitable newsletter that allows you to connect with smart people in your industry, work from anywhere and earn you a fantastic income.

I used to spend about 15 minutes a day on each newsletter but now I have outsourcers that do even that so I can be anywhere anytime doing whatever I want.

More Benefits of The
Newsletter Business

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1. Low Startup Costs: Starting an online newsletter business doesn't require a significant initial investment. All you need is an email marketing platform, and a computer with internet access, which most people already have.

2. Monetization Opportunities: There are 17 ways to monetize an online newsletter, like paid subscriptions, advertising, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing. This can provide a steady income stream once you've built up a loyal reader base.

3. Work from Anywhere: Since your business is online, you can work from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. This flexibility is great for those who value their freedom and mobility.

4. Direct Audience Engagement: An online newsletter allows you to communicate directly with your audience. This direct engagement builds trust and fosters a strong community around your brand or business.

5. Cultivate Expertise and Authority: By regularly sharing high-quality content related to a specific topic, you position yourself as an expert in your field.

This can boost your professional reputation and open up opportunities for speaking engagements, collaborations, or consulting work.

6. Scaleable Business Model: As you grow your email list, you can scale your business accordingly.

The cost of sending emails doesn't significantly increase as your subscriber base grows, making it a highly scalable business model.

7. Market Research and Feedback: Having a direct line of communication with your audience allows for valuable market research. By tracking email opens, clicks, and responses, you can gain insights into what content resonates most with your readers.

8. Long-Term Relationship Building: Newsletters allow you to regularly provide value to your audience, cultivating long-term relationships. These loyal readers are more likely to convert to customers or clients and refer others to your newsletter.

9. Control Over Content: Unlike social media platforms that can change their algorithms without notice, you have complete control over your email list. You decide what content to share and when, without worrying about whether it will be seen by your followers.

10. Personalization and Segmentation: With newsletters, you can segment your audience and provide more personalized content. This results in higher engagement rates and ensures your audience is getting the most relevant information.

Don't Stop With One Build an Empire

I learned early on that one newsletter might not supply all of my financial needs that's why I have 19 currently.

I run my group of newsletters like you would run a group of magazines like a Hurst publishing or a Meredith Corporation that have dozens and dozens of magazines.

They cross promote one another back and forth. you can do the same thing with newsletters.

Why Do Billionaires Own Media?

Elon Musk, Rupert Murdock, Carl Icon & Jeff Bezo ALL Own Media Companies?


One Word - Power!


Owning your own media is the key to business that nobody talks about because until now it was pretty hard.

Look I don't own Twitter or Fox News or even the Washington Post like Jeff Bezo does but…

Today I can generate millions dollars a year off simply being an affiliate with my newsletters.

I can launch a book or podcast and go to #1 overnight… because I own MEDIA.

…and media begets media. (Biblical I know)

In other words, once you own one media property or one newsletter you can use it to launch another one in a similar category.

You know that the cable news network Newsmax started as an email newsletter.

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Thats a FACT!

Once you own two you can promote a third twice as fast and so on…

Get it?

17 Revenue Streams From Newsletters
(I have more)

image20 - 1on1 Internet Marketing

An email newsletter business can generate revenue through several streams. Here are some of the largest:

1. Subscription Fees: This is a direct revenue stream where readers pay a regular fee (monthly, annually) to receive the newsletter. Newsletters with niche, high-quality, or specialized content often use this model. This type of revenue stream depends on the value the newsletter offers and the size of the subscription base.

2. Advertising: Email newsletters often feature sponsored content or display ads, which can be a significant source of revenue. Advertisers pay the newsletter business to promote their products or services. Ad revenue typically correlates with the size and engagement level of the newsletter's audience.

Great news is you NEVER HAVE TO SELL ADS. They are all placed from platforms like paved.com and others.

3. Affiliate Marketing: This involves promoting other company's products in the newsletter and earning a commission on any sales that result from the newsletter. This works well if the products are highly relevant to the newsletter's audience.

4. Sponsored Editions or Partnerships: In this model, an entire newsletter or series of newsletters can be sponsored by a third-party company. The content might be co-created with the sponsor or could include several mentions of the sponsor's products or services.

5. Selling Products or Services: Depending on the nature of the newsletter, it could also be used to promote and sell the business owner's products or services. For example, a business consultant might use their newsletter to sell books, courses, or consulting services.

6. Events and Webinars: For many newsletters, especially those focused on business or industry topics, hosting events (like webinars, conferences, online workshops, etc.) could be a substantial revenue stream. These can be paid events, or they could be used to generate leads for other services or revenue streams.

7. Donations: Some newsletters, especially those operating under a non-profit model or covering niche topics, might rely on donations from their readership for revenue.

8. Data Monetization: If a newsletter has a large, engaged audience, the data about those users can be valuable to marketers and other businesses. Of course, any data monetization should be done in strict compliance with privacy laws and regulations, and users should always be given the option to opt out.

9. Job Boards: Depending on the industry the newsletter is focused on, there may be an opportunity to monetize by hosting a job board. Employers would pay to post their job openings, which would then be distributed to the newsletter's readers.

10. Marketplaces: Similar to job boards, some newsletters may be able to monetize by hosting a marketplace or classified section. This could be used for everything from selling industry-specific products to offering services.

11. Premium Content: In addition to regular newsletter content, the business could offer more in-depth, high-value content for an additional fee. This could include reports, research, white papers, video content, or more. I LOVE Association memberships.

12. Licensing Content: If the content in the newsletter is highly valuable, other businesses or publications might be willing to pay to reprint or license it.

13. Community Access: If the newsletter has fostered a strong community, access to that community could be monetized. This could be in the form of a paid forum, networking events, or other community-focused initiatives.

14. Consulting Services: For newsletters in a specialized niche, the owner might be able to leverage their expertise into consulting work.

15. Freemium Model: Basic newsletter content is free, but premium features such as ad-free content, special reports, early access, etc. come at a cost.

16. E-commerce: Depending on the newsletter topic, selling relevant merchandise could be an additional revenue stream. Print on Demand is HUGE!

17. List Rental: I rented out just two of my lists during the political cycle last and generated seven figures in revenue…and the candidate that paid me the most money still lost the election but is coming back to rent my list again this year.

NOTE: List rental is PURE Guaranteed profit.

These are just a few additional possibilities.

The biggest revenue streams for a specific newsletter depends on its target audience, content, frequency, and business model.

Moreover, successful newsletters having multiple revenue streams ensures financial stability.

So How Do You Get Your
Slice of The Newsletter Pie

So I’ll just assume your NOT brain dead and want to grab a seat on this rocket ship. Yes?

Are you excited to get started and make your mark?

Are you ready to finally be able to make a living, any time and from anywhere in the World?

If you answered yes to the questions above, and you'd be crazy if you didn't so here are a few options.

One: You could pass completely and keep doing what you’ve been doing. Good luck with that.

Two: You could go at all alone and Learn by the school of hard nocks and pay what I call, the stupid tax 🙂


Three: You could hop on with me for 5-day virtual workshop and I'll teach you everything that I know and make you an offer to partner with me.


Introducing The 3 Day LIVE Newsletter Summit

I've decided to host a 3-day LIVE Event to teach you this business model if you're interested.

By the end of the 3 days you WILL to publish your own newsletter on the last day, guaranteed.

You’ll learn how to choose a niche, get subscribers, and monetize those subscribers.

I'll even loan you my AI tools that I spent over $200,000 to develop. With it you can make the whole process fully automatic or you can do it semi-automatic with Chat GPT.

image21 - 1on1 Internet Marketing

So WHY have I become so generous with my information lately. frankly I have an ulterior motive.

My goal is to build the largest network of newsletter publishers in the World and partner with a lot of YOU at least for the purpose of getting advertisers.

Truth is most of the large advertisers in the market want to work with fewer and fewer people.

They will buy MORE from a group that controls hundreds of newsletters faster than they will buy from one newsletter at a time.

This is your chance to join the network and have a HUGE source of revenue even if you have no products of your own to sell.

This is your chance to join the network and have a HUGE source of revenue even if you have no products of your own to sell.

This is ALSO your chance to work with me as a true partner but we will see, based on who takes the most action and who just screws off.

Let Me Bribe You a Bit 🙂

image2 - 1on1 Internet Marketing

When you attend the 3-day Newsletter Summit you will learn the newsletter business inside-out.

PLUS: I'll walk you through seven different ways that we monetize these newsletter lists outside advertising.

My favorite is associations. I've built a number of associations now to tens of thousands of paying monthly members and I find it to be the best way to monetize newsletters.

I’ll share my entire Associations Blueprint with you.

Plus I'll turn you on to our software that my partner Chad developed that builds all these letters and manages them.

It’s a 100% A.I. based freestanding solution that you can give to your outsources to run or you can run yourself. In just a couple of minutes a day per newsletter

The software does all the work

Lastly my partner Chad will come on and train you on how to hire and manage outsources.

These are people from all over the world that work for $3 - $4 an hour to run your software if you don't want to do it yourself.

Just a Recap

So let's look at what I should charge for all of this stuff.

The complete 3-day training on the newsletter publishing business should be at least $2,000

My training on the association business should be at least $1000

Use of my software should be at least $1000

Lastly, Chad's training on how he recruits and manages outsources should be at least $500

so that's $4,500 worth of value.

Where: Anthem Country Club, Henderson, NV (Las Vegas)

When: November 13th, 14th & 15th

Less Than Half The Price of an iPhone

image18 - 1on1 Internet Marketing

I'm not going to charge you $2,800 I'm not even going to charge you $2000 not even $1500 not even $1000.

Today you can hop on the complete 3-day LIVE Newsletter summit as an early, early bird for just $497 bucks. and you can attend LIVE or via live stream.

If You Snooze You Lose

This is a live delivered event and will not be recorded for resell so this is your one opportunity to hop on it. Don’t dilly dally.

My 100% Certainty Guarantee


As with everything I offer ever this Newsletter Summit comes with my personal 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you don't like it just ask for your money back and you'll be probably refunded.

Pee or Get Off The Pot!


By now you are either in or you are out. Either way won’t change my life a bit. I eat steak either way.


If you're ready to launch your profitable newsletter today then just click the link below to get started.

P.S. WARNING: Look the cat is almost out of the bag on this newsletter opportunity and more competition will be entering the fray now is the time to stake your claim.

Imagine if you could have started your website the same year as the internet the natural easy growth would have made you wildly wealthy.

P.P.S. REMINDER: Remember, This is a ONE time LIVE class. If you miss it you lose, just like every other opportunity you’ve ever missed. Someone else WILL take you place. Are you tired of that yet?

Here’s your second chance. Don’t screw it up.

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