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1 On 1 agency partners enjoy access to our intuitive technology platform. 1 On 1 empowers you with the technology and expertise necessary to drive results for your clients so you can focus on what matters, spending valuable time with your clients and making your clients happy looks good on you. We believe agencies deserve better. 1 ON 1 offers service and certification solutions tailored made for agencies, for the simple goal of making you look good to your clients.

The 1 On 1 My Local Everything Dashboard is the culmination of two decades of experience with internet marketing. Now you can reach more local customers using tools built by people who understand exactly what you need.

Agencies use the Dashboard to manage all client services. Similarly, Multi-Location Companies, including franchises like Pak Mail or Biggby Coffee, can execute all internet marketing tasks for locations in as many cities as desired.

Let’s take a closer look the Dashboard’s primary features and how they benefit your bottom line.

Top Level View

Monitor key information about clients, workers, and tasks as soon as you log into MyLocalEverything.com. The Dashboard immediately presents totals for the number of:

  • Clients
  • Project Managers
  • Assignees
  • Total Tasks
  • Ongoing Tasks
  • Completed Tasks

With a single click of the “My Tasks” menu, you go beyond this front page into an efficient, and we dare say elegant, internet marketing task management system.

Top Level View - 1on1 Internet Marketing
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Amazing Task Organization

We have 20 years under our belts performing internet marketing tasks at 1 On 1. In that time, we’ve learned how to save time and clearly organize all clients or locations.

You’re surely familiar with how quickly tasks can pile up when you’re working to keep a business visible in local search. Our Dashboard displays the status of all clients or locations at a glance. This stops you from wasting time figuring out where to start for the day. The 1 On 1 Dashboard organizes everything and empowers you to customize your workflow.

The 1 On 1 team has spent years streamlining what can easily become overwhelming. Now you can achieve more with less effort through our intuitive system that lets you immediately see:

  • Tasks that are due today
  • Tasks with near-term deadlines
  • Overdue tasks

This clear presentation eliminates confusion among team members. Nothing will get overlooked or lost in the mix. The people performing individual tasks may view with a single click details about specific job requirements. You can customize tasks as much as necessary.

Lightning Fast Client Setup

1 On 1 knows that the faster that you can onboard a new client, the faster you can start delivering outstanding services. 1 On 1 perfected this client organizational system while servicing our clients for many years. All of our trial and error and expert insights have been refined into a Dashboard that can support Agencies in every way. Simply click on the “Clients” menu and enter a realm where all of your client setup headaches go away. Enter information for a new client or location in one place and share it instantly with your team. All you need to do is fill out forms or upload documents through a system neatly organized into these tabs:
  • Business profile
  • Login IDs
  • Upload report
  • Videos
  • Marketing plan
lighting fast client setup - 1on1 Internet Marketing
The Dashboard securely stores all login IDs. No one will have to struggle to track down login IDs for a client again. The system stores uploaded reports and allows salespeople and clients to view them in the same user interface. This can be very helpful when discussing material over the phone or in a video conference. Instantly See Everything About Your Clients After setting up a new client, it joins all of your other clients in an easy to read list. Simply scroll through the list and click status icons next to each company or location to see details about workflow, tasks, and communications.

Workflow Unleashes Superior Assignment Management

workflow - 1on1 Internet Marketing

Click the “Workflow” menu and access some of the real nuts and bolts of the 1 On 1 Dashboard. In this section, you create assignments and connect them to project managers and other team members. We supply the tools to easily adapt work assignments to each client, accommodate special requests, and bundle tasks for greater efficiency.

Navigating the forms and menus in the 1 On 1 Dashboard is always as close to effortless as possible. We’ve done the same work as you for years and have arrived at a user-friendly interface that’s easy to understand.

New Assignment Generation

In the new assignment form, you choose a project manager and enter other details. Then, simply scroll down the page a bit and browse the lists of different tasks that 1 On 1 can perform. You check the boxes for whatever that specific client requires and then establish a schedule.

Because we know that some assignments can involve dozens and dozens of tasks, we have premade task bundles that add everything to an assignment with a single check box. For example, the “new client set up and review bundle” prefills all of the tasks for that job. There are several bundles to choose from, and you can create your own from the options. Click submit to save an assignment and send it into the Workflow.

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custom assignment - 1on1 Internet Marketing

Custom Assignment Generation

When you need full assignment customization, you would select “manual assignment” from the Workflow menu. The manual assignment form allows you to enter task details. Use this method to fulfill special client requests.

Recurring Tasks

The ability to create recurring tasks stands out as a very useful feature. You have the option to build almost any task in this manner, such as checking monthly reports. This feature can help you maintain efficient and responsive business listing management.
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Tasks Log

The tasks log area accepts uploads showing images of completed work. With a quick inspection, you can see if the people doing your work are meeting expectations. Your workers can also record their time and track whether a task was billable or non-billable.

Content Creation Cuts Hours of Labor

The “Content Creation” menu opens the door to swift blog and social media post generation and white label client onboarding. We have spent months building and fine tuning this area, especially the workflow section. In the workflow section, you can assemble task service bundles so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel for each new client or location. You can bundle tasks to complete frequently used services, like building a website. Any product bundle could contain dozens of tasks. Consolidating them into product bundles gives you an easy way to launch the job within your Workflow. For example, you can use prebuilt bundles provided by 1 On 1, like the “New White Label Client Onboard Set 1.” This bundle contains 50 tasks. You simply select it, choose team members, set a deadline, and send it into the Workflow for completion. Our efforts literally replace hours of your labor that would be spent choosing and executing individual tasks.
Communicate Value Client 1 - 1on1 Internet Marketing

Communicate Value to Clients

As you do these things, clients can view what’s underway within the Dashboard. They can see how much you are doing, which clearly communicates all of the work that you’re doing to improve search visibility.

White Label Customization

You can customize the menus, footers, sidebars, and overall appearance so that when a client logs in, they see your Agency themes and branding. The system saves more of your time by providing you with various email templates for welcome messages and other content for new customers. You can edit the details and have them automatically go out to new users.
White Label 1 - 1on1 Internet Marketing

Engaging and Timely Media for Blogs and Social Media

The internet marketing tasks that bring attention to a client or location mark only the first part of the battle for new customers. You need to generate engaging and seasonal content to arouse people’s interest and demonstrate that a business has active and updated material online.

From the Content Creation menu, select pages and access tools to build marketing pages or service descriptions. Use the controls in this section to initiate new tasks related to making content for any particular client or location.

Media Instantly Available to All Clients

Media available to all clients - 1on1 Internet Marketing

1 On 1 maintains a media library so that you can prepare promotional content with minimal effort. Under “promotional materials group,” “promotional media images,” or “targeted marketing media,” you find themed materials prepared by us each month for holidays or special events. Use them as desired to create social media and blog posts.

The targeted marketing media section offers images for specific business sectors, like doctors and dentists. When we upload media, we pick which group to place it in and make them available to all clients. These resources speed the development of eye-catching and relevant content.

Agencies and Multiple-Location Companies can organize available images according to their events, business sector, or seasonal theme. You can upload your own images as well and distribute them for use by all clients or locations.

Engaging and Timely - 1on1 Internet Marketing
premium reports - 1on1 Internet Marketing


As the 1 On 1 Dashboard enables efficient internet marketing for you, the system tracks valuable data about how you converted internet searchers into customers. You’ll see statistics about performance on mobile, desktop, and other platforms. You can upload reports and schedule their delivery to clients.

Our reporting tools continually track vital metrics, like:

  • CPA
  • CPC
  • Engagement rates
  • Activity by location
  • Call logs

The detailed analytics help you develop new strategies and compare current performance to the previous month or year.

Company Settings

Taking care of administrative tasks is a breeze in the “Company Settings” menu. Agencies using a white label dashboard will set up their client billing system. You may integrate payments with PayPal or Stripe.
Management of team members will take up little of your time. Like everything in the 1 On 1 Dashboard, the forms and menus are smartly organized and adaptable. Assign various privileges to your team members according to their position. Your choices are:
  • Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Assignee
  • Assistant Manager
  • Content Creator
A Manager would have full administrative access, but an assignee would only access what is necessary to complete tasks. Account Executives would have access to the reports that they need to discuss with their clients. The Assistant Manager designation fits situations when you have a manager from another company or resellers who do not need their own dashboard.
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Smarter Work and Faster Success

We continually look for opportunities to improve our Dashboard. The efficient preparation and execution of internet marketing tasks are always our primary goals. The 1 On 1 My Local Everything Dashboard contains the tools to manage tasks, manage staff, manage clients, and manage content creation without losing track of anything. Everything is easy to see, and everything you need to do only takes a few clicks to initiate.

With the 1 On 1 Dashboard as the backbone of your Agency or Multi-Location Company, you get more time to be creative in addition to more local search traffic.

Agency Education and Certification

We provide educational sessions that allow you to obtain certification as a preferred 1 On 1 agency. Completion of our program elevates your agency to the status of an industry expert.

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Collaborate for Greater Success

An outside opinion from an industry leader who genuinely wants to build a win-win situation can take your agency to a higher level. Come to us for industry insights, competitive reviews, and recommendations.

We are here to solve your problems and empower you to serve your clients. Contact 1 On 1 today to learn how we create great opportunities for agencies.

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The 1 On 1 Dashboard provides you with a user-friendly interface for managing multiple clients and automating updates across the Data Amplifier Network. We help you reach a much broader online audience than you could on your own. We invite you to market your clients through our proven system backed by 20 years of experience. We know how to make businesses visible everywhere that people search the internet. Talk to us today about how to achieve higher organic search results. The 1 On 1 Dashboard is the smart way to coordinate placement of business information across search engines, business directories, apps, and social networks. Most importantly, you’ll have the time to focus on your clients instead of juggling a multitude of internet marketing chores. 1 On 1 tames the chaos so that you can reach more customers and enjoy greater success. Request a Demo Today!
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Your Problems Solved!

Agency partners enjoys a better experience at 1 On 1 versus other affiliate providers because of better design.

Our dedicated support team has one goal in mind – your success. At 1 On 1 agencies aren’t neglected, rather they’re embraced because they are valued, integral part of our ecosystem.

Dedicated Services

Enjoy industry insights, competitive reviews and partner recommendations from experienced marketing professionals

Education and Certifications.

Agencies who take part in our educational sessions have an opportunity to become certified as a preferred 1 On 1 agency. Showcasing your knowledge as an expert. Bragging rights.

Co-marketing opportunities

Being a preferred agency has its privileges. Your wins and our wins and we celebrate that success

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Agencies can trust us to provide:

Our platform scales brilliantly to the demands of running an agency. You will thrill clients with an impressive level of service and detailed reports after adopting the tools provided by 1 On 1 Internet Marketing. Your clients see a system branded to your agency while receiving your guidance and following your strategies.

A team of highly knowledgeable professionals supports our agency partners. You get to amaze your clients with a fully developed and proven platform that manages everything necessary to grab the spotlight online.

Placing a well-designed platform in your hands that outshines other affiliate providers is not an afterthought at 1 On 1. We welcome the opportunity to partner with agencies who want a robust internet marketing solution.