Multi Location Companies and Affiliate Organizations. 

Companies with multiple locations, resellers or affiliates need an easy to implement, cost effective way of helping these remote locations and affiliates grow their business. N

o longer viewed as optional, it is a key component of the overall marketing strategy. As corporate, you need to exude your cross channel expertise, but doing so in the ever changing digital landscape can be challenging. The 1 On 1 Platform is here to help keep you ahead of the marketing channel curve so you never fail behind.

Join our partner program. 

Our dedicated team provides guidance and expertise to help deliver affiliate program results for agencies. One-on-one priority is to ensure a high heightened experience, centered around insights, ongoing education and certification designs for agencies. 

Technology built for you 

to an agency, nothing is more important than client success. 1 On 1 enables agencies to seamlessly execute on behalf of their clients through  tracking, reporting and optimization tools designed to help reach, engage, and convert consumers. 

Advanced technology for advanced program control
1 On 1  network powers agencies through our central interface, enabling seamless execution of affiliate portfolio management and brand monitoring. It’s multitasking made easy. 

This means agencies with multiple clients can easily toggle from one client to the other without the hassle of logging in each time. Best part?  Built in brand monitoring, ensures clients, brand integrity is protected. Affording peace of mind.