The Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle

Lock down, backup, and protect your WordPress sites with our all-in-one security bundle. Complete peace of mind on every site.

Defender Layered Protection

Build layers of security that deter hackers and guard your site. Activate one-click security tweaks, 2-factor passwords, IP lockout devices, and login masking to keep hackers from entering your site.

Reports, Logs & Security Scans

Stay ahead of every attack. WPMU DEV offers regular automated security scans, vulnerability reports with safety recommendations, blacklist monitoring and core, theme and plugin code checks.

Secure Cloud Backup Protection

No security plan is complete without a backup plan! Snapshot runs automated backups and includes 10GB of cloud storage for safely storing your site… just incase.

Snapshot gives you restore points that make it easy to jump back in a flash if when something goes wrong.

Advanced 2-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication protects your site with both a password and a phone. Defender’s forced 2-factor lets you set what user roles are required to use an added layer of password protection when logging in. Easy on users, tough on bots.

Safe Automated Updates

Did you know most successful attacks come from out of date core, theme, or plugins? Save time and countless hours managing updates with Automate.

He’ll trigger a backup and run before and after upgrade site scans to ensure your site did not break when upgrading. Pretty magical.

We’ll Intercept Threats Before They Reach Your Site

If you host with 1 On 1, you’ll also be pleased to know each and every site comes automatically armed with our intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF). When active, your WAF utilizes a 300+ ruleset specifically designed to protect your sites against “OWASP Top 10” web application threats and other malicious activity.

You can also set your own rules and allow or block specific IP addresses or user agents.

Help! I’ve Already Been Hacked

No fear. For a small fee a 1 On 1 expert support will restore and clean up your site after it’s been hacked.

If you have a backup, we’ll minimize your downtime by activating the most recent clean version of your site. Our experts will then scan your site with Defender to find and fix known vulnerabilities, permanently remove the malicious code and set up his wall of cyber muscle.